High resolution thermoplastic printing

Our Pharaoh line of 3D printers are among the highest resolution thermoplastic filament 3D printers on the market. Compatible with many thermoplastic materials, this can be a viable altenative to SLA or DLP printing for select applications.

Low volume production

Automated 3D printing with industrial-grade thermoplastic materials is a newly established manufacturing technology for low volume production. Going from standalone desktop systems to automated production with the same set of material, software and printing technology greatly accelerates the process.

Individualized production

Automated 3D printing can be the most effective solution for manufacturing customized parts for various end-use applications, especially in the medical field.

One-click workflows

The embedded machine control, slicing and g-code processing software allow creation of “one-click” workflows, that greatly simplify printing operator training and printer operation.

Materials testing and application development

Mass Portal 3D printing systems and software are a comprehensive package for testing and development of printing applications and processes.