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Quotes From Our Customers

We are very pleased maintaining a strong and fruitful partnership with Mass Portal. Their quality requirements for their 3D Printers like the Pharaoh model are very high and fully convince the professional end-user.

Clive Alberts
Verbatim Europe

Since I used your machine, I feel the quality and stability would be one of the best. It is true that your printer would be the best from printers I have in the office.

Shigeyuki Furomoto
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media

The printer is truly a work of art when sitting next to most printers on the market, it looks and works like a well-oiled machine. The prints are stunning on the detail. It handles almost everything I have thrown at it.

Joshua Davis
Eastman Chemical Company

The Mass Portal Pharaoh XD is by a wide margin the best printer I have ever seen.

Ben Jecklin
Swiss 3D Tech

So far we love the printer. It was very well packed and worked right out of the box.

Richard Wheeler
SolarWorld Americas

The quality level from the Mass Portal printers far exceeds any other printer in the market in my opinion.

Xiaofan Luo

We’ve worked with a lot of different printers and the Mass Portal really stands out for just sheer print quality.

The Mass Portal 3D Printer is the only Delta printer that comes capable of printing all current Taulman materials with ease straight from the manufacturer and with no adjustments.

Thomas Matrzall

The hardware is outstanding and has delivered the best results in any of our printer tests to date.

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