Production 3D printer

Mass Portal MP600

Touchscreen Control

Easy overview and comfortable control with 7” HD touchscreen.


Hotend Options

Single nozzle for flexible materials.



Enclosed chamber with active air filters limit the amount of escaping fumes and small particles.


Filament Drying

Print performance thermoplastics with better results thanks to integrated dual rotary dessicant dryers.


Filament Runout Detection

Print large parts without worrying that the printer might print in the air after filament has run out.

Build volume:

400 mm x 400 mm 

Integrated Dual Filament Dryers

Improved process stability and print moisture sensitive thermoplastics

Compressed air part cooling

Optional compressed air part cooling with built-in compressor

Built to order

Configuration based on your needs


Performance extrusion system

Bowden Pro

Up to 300°C
Single Nozzle Bowden
Fan Cooled

Suitable for: ABS; Flexible filaments ; PLA

High Precision

Precision hardware on all levels allow high resolution printing with positioning accuracy of 6 micron and layer resolution up to 50 micron.


Ensure a more stable and reliable printing process with moisture-sensitive thermoplastics such as Nylon, PC and TPU.

Long Service Life

All-metal design and quality components allow focusing on production not maintenance.

Safe to Use

Enclosed chamber features multiple fans and optional port for external fume extractors.

Eliminate Filament Slipping

All-metal feeder eliminates filament slip, delivers precise control and does not overheat during operation.

Mass Portal 3D printer Integrated HD camera

Control and Monitor from Anywhere

Remotely control and monitor the printing process with the high definition camera and interface accessible from FabControl Cloud.

  • Undried nylon

  • Dried nylon

Integrated Filament Dryers

Drying, conditioning and feeding filament under optimal conditions greatly improves printed part quality.
Drying filament ensures a more stable and reliable printing process with moisture-sensitive materials such as Nylon, PC, PVA and TPU. In addition, using dried filament reduces warping and improves layer adhesion.

Both samples printed with same settings, same gcode, same hardware.


Easy touchscreen control.

Online printer and dryer
control and configuration
and printing workflow management.

Printfarm Automation

Mass Portal devices are closely integrated with FabControl Additive Manufacturing Platform, therefore giving extensive control and monitoring capabilities.

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