Biobased 3D printer

The bioink was developed and verified on a custom made 3D printer which was specifically designed for this purpose. The 3D printing experiments with modified natural oil and lignocellulosic biopolymers were performed by optimizing the parameters of technological processes and by validating various properties of the 3D printed parts. In addition the prototyping of bioink and 3D printing technology was validated against the current 3D printing market demands for materials and technologies.

Intended Use

Development of UV-cured 3D printing materials, printing process and process parameters, application development.


Layer thickness 0.05-0.2 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4–1 mm

Build Volume

Diameter: 150 mm
Height: 150 mm

Print Speed

2 – 150 mm/s

UV-Light Source

11x 365–405nm LEDs; max 24W; air cooled


Easy touchscreen control.


Online printer and dryer
control and configuration
and printing workflow management.

Printfarm Automation

Mass Portal devices are closely integrated with FabControl Additive Manufacturing Platform – giving extensive control and monitoring capabilities.