3D Printer Manufacturer Mass Portal Announces New Leadership and Reorganization of Software Business

Thermoplastic extrusion 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal today announces new leadership and reorganization of the software team into an independent company FabControl.

Mr. Imants Treidis is named the new CEO of Mass Portal. Mr. Treidis is taking over the role from company co-founder Mr. Janis Grinhofs who has served in this position since early 2014, overseeing the development of its flagship Pharaoh 3D printers, the FD series filament dryers and the automated 3D printfarm solution, Dynasty AMS. 

Under Mr. Treidis leadership Mass Portal will continue to innovate and provide high quality machines to our clients. The new CEO of Mass Portal promises that “We will continue to serve our existing customers and industrial partners, in the same time striving for excellence in supplying the industry with highest quality machines and tailor built solutions for additive manufacturing needs”.

Mr. Janis Grinhofs is now the Founder and CEO of FabControl SIA, a new and independent company. Mr. Grinhofs will focus on his vision to build a next-generation software platform for managing Digital Manufacturing Workflows. The core motivation behind this reorganization is the customer’s need to make workflow software work with more hardware besides exclusively Mass Portal machines. “We are looking forward to an open, Industry 4.0 world, where automated, approachable and smart workflows integrate hardware, materials and software from multiple vendors.”

FabControl SIA is a new, independent company founded by the ex-CEO and ex-software team of Mass Portal. FabControl is building an open, next-generation software platform for managing Additive Manufacturing machines and workflows.