3D Printed Sports Mouthguards

Dutch start-up 3Dmouthguard has developed and 3D printed custom-made sports mouthguards to protect teeth and mouth injuries in any type of active or extreme sports. Mass Portal helped to develop 3D printing process using Royal DSM materials.

“By scanning the upper jaw with video technology and digitally capturing all curves and shapes of mouth and teeth, a perfectly fitted mouthguard can be printed on the spot using fused filament technology. The additive manufacturing (AM) process uses a continuous filament of DSM’s Arnitel®, a bio-based material that meets all strength, flexibility and health requirements. The new AM technique, combined with the 3D filament material characteristics, completely automates and digitizes the process of producing customized mouthguards and prints them instantly.” Read more

3D printing material Arnitel® ID2045 from Royal DSM dried in Mass Portal Filament Dryer FD1 and printed on Mass Portal XD20.