At Formnext 2017 Mass Portal launches the first professional grade filament drying solution for open-materials 3D printers

This year at Formnext powered by TCT 2017 in Frankfurt am Main 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal Ltd. launches its new product line: professional grade filament dryers for the open-materials 3D printing industry.

Dryers are a standard piece of equipment in traditional polymer processing technologies. The deteriorating influence of moisture on polymer melt stability is a well-known issue, but one which has largely been ignored by the open-materials desktop 3D printing industry. With Mass Portal Filament Dryers, drying know-how and technology are being made available for the owners of desktop 3D printers.

The use of our Filament Dryers leads to notable improvements in 3D printing process, such as:

  • more stable printing and increased print success rate: feeding filament under controlled conditions eliminates ambient temperature and relative humidity variations, thus, improving process stability and repeatability;
  • better mechanical properties of printed parts: the use of properly dried and conditioned filaments unlocks the full potential of the 3D printing materials;
  • improved part surface quality and overall cosmetic look: properly dried filaments exhibit less stringing and are more transparent due to the absence of bubbles.

Main features of Mass Portal Filament Dryers are:

  • rotary desiccant disk dehumidification system;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • preset drying settings for most common filaments;
  • replaceable HEPA/active carbon filters, and
  • built-in overheating and overcurrent protections.

Mass Portal Filament Dryers are compatible with:

  • most open-material 3D printers;
  • most open-materials spool sizes (max. diameter 200 mm, max. width 80 mm)
  • 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm, and 3.00 mm filament diameters.